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Gambrills, MD. 21054
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Proudly Serving:
The Washington, DC Meto Area
Including Upper Marlboro, Crofton, and Bowie, MD

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American Council on Exercise

National Academy of Sports Medicine

National Federation of Professional Trainers

Certifications carry full
NCCA Accredidation
The National Commission on Certifying Agencies


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Video Exercise Library

Strength Endurance - Balance/Stability - Core Strength - Cardio - Functional Training

 Battle Rope Drills -

 Landmine Shldr Press -

Cable Wood Chops -

Kettlebell Snatch -

3 Point Medicine Ball Push Up -

TRX Drill / I-T-Y 's -

Seated Leg Press -

Balance Drill / Bosu Ball Single Leg Reach - 

Cable Chest Flyes -

Dumb Bell Preacher Curls -

Cardio Exercise / Treadmill  Workout -

Straight Bar Bench Press -

Spiderman Push-Ups -

Landmine Pull to Press Drill -

Tricep / Chest Dip w/Kettlebell -

Single Arm Dumbell Row -

Cable Lateral Raise w/ Squat -

Bicep Explosion Drills -

Cable Shoulder Flexion w/Squat -

Daily Nutritional Tips -

Platform Sumo Dumbell Squats -

TRX Dynamic Warm-Up -

Cable Squat to Row -