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The Real Secret to Maximize Health, Energy and Vitality

Dear Fitness Enthusiats,

There are so many health related and weight loss programs available in the market place that most of us are totally confused about what choices we should make. While some of them offer credible information, others are just schemes or gimmicks to fill the pocket of their creators. However, we must first understand what eating healthy actually entails. The typical American diet consists of over 60% of processed foods. Due to our busy lifestyles of work related, family and other personal commitments we tend to select these processed foods which offer convenience and are easily and quickly prepared. However, these foods are not rich in nutrients and therefore are not conducive for good health.

Our ability to implement SUPER NUTRITION into our daily diets was and still is the answer. The first step towards achieving great health and maintaining your ideal weight forever is eating healthfully. Eating healthfully is all about eating more healthful foods.  Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, most of us don’t truly understand how to really eat healthy. What determines the healthfulness of a food is how many nutrients it delivers to your body.

In other words, for optimal health, you must eat foods that are truly rich in nutrients, and in particular, foods that deliver the greatest amount nutrients per calorie. Although this may sound like a strange concept for many due to thinking more about the calorie, fat, or carbohydrate consumption; you must wipe these ingrained ideas from your minds. Moreover, to eat this way, you must first understand what nutrients are and which foods have the greatest amounts of them.  (Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.)

A  List of Micronutrient-rich foods. Below is a list of the top 50 foods that have high levels of micronutrients. When eating fruits and vegetables, it’s best to eat them raw, as cooking them could diminish their vitamin and nutrient levels.


1. Broccoli
2. Blueberries
3. Spinach
4. Soy Beans (Edamame)
5. Tomatoes
6. Oranges
7. Wheat Germ
8. Pumpkin
9. Flax seed
10. Turkey

11. Walnuts
12. Yogurt
13. Beans
14. Salmon
15. Watermelon
16. Guava
17. Pink Grapefruit
18. Halibut
19. Albacore Tuna
20. Tangerines

21. Tofu
22. Kale
23. Collard Greens
24. Persimmons
25. Papaya
26. Chicken Breast
27. Artichokes
28. Green Peppers

29. Carrots
30. Asparagus

31. Peaches
32. Cherries
33. Shrimp
34. Cauliflower
35. Romaine Lettuce
36. Cantaloupes
37. Oatmeal
38. Sweet Potatoes
39. Cucumbers
40. Butternut Squash

41. Strawberries
42. Tea
43. Bok Choy
44. Hazelnuts
45. Cashews
46. Macadamia Nuts
47. Sunflower Seeds
48. Almonds
49. Pistachios
50. Pecans







There are several recipes which support this healthful way eating. These recipes offer a solid and healthful way to consume these micro-nutrient rich foods. You can find them on-line.

However, if you’re like me I choose to extract these nutrients to squeeze out every drop of its nutrition to maximize its absorption into my body to further optimize health benefits. Click on the link below or cut and paste it into your browser to see the system I personally use to explode nutritional value.

Go to:


" Moving fitness to friends and making a friend out of fitness"

Motivated by Pride, Passion and Commitmentt to end the trend of obesity in America

Malcolm D. Roberts, MPT,CES, PES, WLS, FNS - NASM, NFPT, ACE

IDEA Certified Personal Trainer




Can abdominal exercises really flatten your tummy? 


 Dear Fitness Enthusiasts,

Acquiring flat and toned abdominals is probably one of the most desired physical improvements that the majority of my clients pursue. There are common myths about how core exercises affect the fat that surrounds our midsection. Performing endless crunches, elbow planks and roman chair sit ups to name a few; don't appear to remove the subcutaneous fat that lies beneath the surface of our skin. Here is the real skinny on how to reduce those stubborn fat deposits that prevent us from achieving this much desired goal. .

Before I continue, allow me to point out the difference between uncovering the abdominals and conditioning the abdominals. Uncovering involves fat loss in the midsection, while conditioning involves training the midsection. These are two entirely different things. If you are an experienced resistance trainee this had better not come as a big surprise. Never train abdominals with the intention of losing fat around the waist. Approach your abdominal training as a part of your overall core conditioning.

Let's face it, what do people ask for more than anything? A flatter stomach! What do trainers and fitness enthusiasts immediately focus on when fat loss in the abdominal region is the challenge? You guessed it, abdominal exercises. Wrong! In the absence of dieting and/or improving your fitness lifestyle in other areas, if you were to do nothing but abdominal exercises you would show no results when it comes to revealing those invisible abs. This may be one of the single biggest reasons beginners lose their motivation to train. They exclusively do tons of abdominal work and never show signs of improvement. When a person does see fat loss progress while training abdominals, it is almost always because there are other newly added components of their fitness program that are responsible. Specific to fat loss, abdominal training alone is nearly worthless.

Imagine if you will, impermeable sheaths of tissue separating subcutaneous fat stores from muscles throughout the entire body. For our purposes, these sheaths separate subcutaneous fat from its underlying muscles making it impossible for localized fat to move directly across to trained muscles. Now imagine the cardiovascular system being able to transport fat to muscle. When muscle energy is expended and is being replaced in any location in the body, under the proper dietary conditions, fat burning hormones and enzymes circulate to every fat cell the vascular system can reach (almost all fat cells in the body) simultaneously. Hence, there is a general fat release throughout the body, not localized or isolated fat release as some still believe. Frequent, low to moderate intensity full-body workouts with a moderate amount of aerobics thrown in, coupled with an effective diet, will go a long way to improving general fat loss to include that waistline. (NFPT, May 2008)


                                        " Moving fitness to friends and making a friend out of fitness"

                           Motivated by Pride, Passion and Commitmentt to end the trend of obesity in America

                    Malcolm D. Roberts, MPT,CES, PES, WLS, FNS - NASM, NFPT, ACE

                          IDEA Certified Personal Trainer