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NCCA Accredidation
The National Commission on Certifying Agencies


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             Welcome to Fitness Perfection, LLC.

  Professionally applied fitness training, body conditioning, weight management, nutritional counseling, sports performance enhancement and corrective exercise, designed to help transform your body into a natural state of Fitness Perfection


     "Discover the Secret Power of a Micro-Nutrient Rich Diet - Supercharge your Health, Maximize your Energy, and Slow the Aging Process" 



  •   Are you satisfied with the reflection of your nude image when standing in front of a mirror?
  •  Would you like to increase your muscle tone, drop a dress or pants size and decrease the circumference of your waist line?

If you answered "no and yes" respectively to each of these questions, you are not alone. Millions of people share mutual frustration with controlling their body weight and have failed in futile attempts to reduce stubborn fatty tissue. The real key to fat reduction and weight management is simply energy expenditure and proper nutrition. Fitness Perfection can help you to sculpt your body and improve your physical appearance at our private studio or through the use of our on-line training program

Calories in / calories out is the mathematical reason why each of us are the sizes that we are. Therefore, in order to lose unwanted pounds, a consistent daily caloric deficit must be achieved to release stubborn fatty deposits while ultimately guiding ones self towards healthy life style changes and a successful outcome. Visit our personal training rates page for prices on personal and group training pricing.

Fitness Perfection understands the frustrations associated with weight loss or gain and holds professional pride in helping our clients reach their personal and specific fitness goals. Visit our on-line store to view our vast line of fitness equipment gear and products.

Complete body conditioning and shaping is our specialty. We are dedicated professionals taking a personal interest in the success of each client's case. Our commitment to consumer satisfaction comes with a guarantee of systematic and progressive physical transformation of current undesirable body configuration into a mirror image that you will love and be proud of.

We offer the industry's top all natural health products designed to optimize nutrition. Our products are conveniently at your fingertips for quick and hassle free delivery. At Fitness Perfection we care about our customers and market only the very best nutritional supplements available.

" Motivated by Pride, Passion, and Commitment to end the trend of  obesity in America"

Malcolm D. Roberts, MPT, CES, PES, FNS, WLS: NASM - ACE - NFPT

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   Providing  Products and a Community That You'll Feel 

       " Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness" - Edward Stanley